Emerald Coast / Buck Destin Bridge Club

Weekly Schedule

Monday - Sorry we can’t play ‘til it has past.  Our club is closed UFN        

Wednesday - Suspended until further notice.

Thursday - Get out in the Sun.  Dress very lightly.  Get hot.

St. Andrews by the sea Episcopal Church
307 Harbor Blvd. Destin, FL 32541

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Ted Gardner



IT’s really a no brainer.  If there is any doubt especially in a resort destination town; just stay home and have a coke by the pool or on the patio.  We’ll get to spring and summer in due time.  We might even have live bridge again.  Hang tough, look at all the movies and old reruns  you can catchup with on TV.  Clubs/BBO are working to provide home entertainment so tune in.  Join BBO if you haven’t already and you can most likely play 24/7. Smile a lot.  Get out in the Sun when ever you can.  It kills the covid virus; I don’t believe the pundits on TV. 

  Our Club is closed and will remain so until given certified clearance to resume normal activities. 



If your on this page, you can see today’s results by clicking ‘Today’sGame’ in tool bar at the top.  Or for more detail info on who played what contract by clicking on the club# shown:  236125 is for Monday and 235994 is for Wednesday or Thursday.  If you need info on score adjustments please click on the ‘AdjustedTragedies’ link.